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Thursday, August 05, 2004


I thought I fell in love once,

but how I quickly came to see.
True Love is overrated,

not meant for one like me.
I left myself open,

entrenched and blinded by love's design.
Engulfed by its passion,

utterly lost in space in time.
Knowing the end was inevitable,

still I made this dubious choice.
And felt a pain immeasurable,

when I listened to my heart's voice.
What is love but a feeling,

a word often used in jest.
An ephemeral emotion,

not worth the time to develop and invest.
A captivating story,

ending only where it starts.
An all-too predictable cycle,

this game of broken hearts.
Though yielding temporary happiness,

it ends in bitter grief.
The absence of all hope and faith,

of comfort and relief.


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