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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Haveeru Daily Online - English: "Information Ministry starts amending regulations regarding newspapers, magazines

Wednesday, 28 July 2004

MALE, July 28 (HNS) -- The Ministry of Information, Arts and Culture has started to revise the current regulations regarding newspapers and magazines.

Information Minister Ibrahim Maniku told Haveeru Daily that the ministry decided to amend the regulations because the current regulations were devised long ago.

However, Maniku said that it was difficult to say when amending the regulations can be completed.

He said that freedom of press must be within a frontier and no journalists should go beyond the border.

Maniku further said that it has been seven months since the ministry commenced the work on amending the regulations.

The ministry is also discussing with the concerned authorities about the amendments to be brought to regulations.

Maniku said that they will meet the editors of the newspapers and magazines to obtain their opinions with regard to the regulations that are being amended.

Recently, Attorney General Dr Hassan Saeed said that they have proposed some alterations to be brought to the regulations.

Saeed said that they are formulating a law regarding newspapers and magazines.

Saeed earlier said that the press has been traditionally controlled in Maldives and that letting such controls lose all of a sudden may have a negative impact. However, he said that press freedom is important in order to canvass the genuine opinion of the people. "


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