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Tuesday, June 22, 2004


As I look at the light of the stars

It reminds me of your beautiful brown eyes

When you used to be always at my side...

Every time I drive at night and go by your house

It brings memories when we used to be so close.


Memories of you and when I learned everything about love

Memories that I try to reject

But sometimes I end up crying because I can't forget,

All the love you brought and left in my way.

Sometimes I wonder why

All this memories come to my mind

When I thought it was easy to leave you behind.


I was wrong because my broken heart still misses and calls for your hands,

To feel it pump for you.

Now all I have is memories,

Memories that brings emptiness.

Memories of the days we used to talk,

When we used to think we were the only lovers in this crazy world,

When I used to think our love was the more valuable than all the pearls and gold,

When I said our love was brighter than the sun,

When we were louder than love,

When we were two young persons filled with joy.


Memories sealed forever by my side,

Memories I will always keep deep inside.


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